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  • Wondering what is it like to visit Cuba? Here are the most popular travel destinations in Cuba.


    If you want a taste of Cuba, there is no better place to go than Havana.

    Havana is the capital and largest City of Cuba. It is also a major port, province and leading economic and commercial center.  Home to almost 2.1 million people, Havana is the heart and soul of Cuba.

    Havana is a fine mix of old and new. It has a rich history and contemporary culture. Visitors are bound to feel like they have taken a trip back in time because Havana has a touch of colonial art.

    Coupled with that, visitors will also spot vintage cars on the streets, some dating back to the 1950’s.


    Varadero is one of Cuba’s top 10 vacation destinations. Whether you are vacationing solo or with friends or family, Varadero is a single source for complete vacation.

    Featuring beautiful beaches, Varadero is a haven for beach bums and adventure seekers.

    You can sit back, relax and chill by the beach. There are also many water-based sports, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing and windsurfing.

    The best part about Varadero is that is it at a few hours’ drive from Havana.


    Located on the southeastern side of Cuba, Holguin is a must-visit destination. It is among the top 10 vacation destinations in Cuba. And rightfully so.

    Holguin is full of galleries, museums and churches, which makes it ideal for history lovers.

    In addition, it is a fantastic destination for outdoor activities. Holguin is close to an array of beaches, including Guardalavaca and Emerald Beach, where visitors can participate in water sports.

    At the same time, they can explore nature in nearby national parks, La Mensura and Alejandro de Humboldt.

    Cayo Coco

    Experience luxury at its finest at Cayo Coco in Cuba. Cayo Coco has a large number of luxury resorts, thereby making it one of the most famous tourist spots in Cuba.

    A small island, Cayo Coco is suitable for those who prefer a quiet, relaxing vacation.
    The island has some of the most stunning beaches in the world.

    You can participate in several fun activities, such as jungle and glass bottom tours, speed boating, snorkeling, scuba diving and much more.

    Santiago de Cuba

    A renowned cultural and historical hub, Fidel Castro proclaimed the victory of the Cuban Revolution in Santiago de Cuba on January 1, 1959.


    Located on the west coast of Cuba, Trinidad is a fantastic tourist spot. It is considered as one of the top 10 destinations in Cuba.


    A small beach town, Cienfuegos is also known called as the Pearl of the South because of its picturesque scenery.

    Santa Clara

    An ancient city, Santa Clara boasts the mausoleum and memorial of Che Guevara.


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