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  • Guide to Best Island – Philippines

    • January 25, 2018 / By Admin

    More than 7000 picture perfect scattered islands make up Philippines. It is a glimpse of paradise and there is something for everyone in Philippines.

    If you’re looking for fun-filled vacation or adventurous trekking or to explore the underwater life, you’ll find it all here. There’s more here than what meets the eye. This country is popular for its natural richness and cultural diversity.

    With thousands of spectacular islands, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. So, here’s a list to make it a bit easier for you.


    Palawan Island is listed as one of the best islands in the world. It’s set in the southwestern part of the country. No matter where you go, the sea is bound to accompany your view. Stunning sea with its clear blue water; sand as white as sugar; pristine and untouched islets.

    The capitol of this island is a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Puerto Princesa, it is the second largest river underground. You will get to explore stunning waterfalls, experience stunning sea life and coral and much more.


    It is pegged the second-best island in the world. Boracay is more than just pristine beaches and white sandy beaches. Known for its vigorous nightlife, exceptional street food and thrilling adventures Boracay has everything for every taste.

    You can enjoy adventure water sports such as windsurfing, parasailing, kite boarding or scuba dive. This country is known for its scuba dive so no matter which island you hop on to you can rest assure scuba dive will be worth it. The key to travel Boracay is to know exactly what you are interested in, is it nightlife or nature? Island is divided into different parts, each offering variety of activities to enjoy.

    Whether you are up for sipping cocktails while you lie on the sandy beaches enjoying the sunsets in the serenity of nature or up for a dance all night kind of vacation, Boracay has it all.


    For a journey into the cultural element of the Philippines, Batanes is the place to be. With clear blue skies covering the stunning landscapes with a hem of serene white beaches dotted with swaying palm trees.

    Typhoons frequent the area, so it is a bit of a trip to reach Batanes, but once you have reached you will never want to leave and yearn to come back as soon as possible.

    The best thing about Philippines is that you have an option to island hop any time you like!

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