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  • A Guide to the Best Islands in Philippines

    • November 2, 2017 / By Admin

    If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, then you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to explore some of its gorgeously picturesque islands! An estimated 7,641 islands make up the Philippines archipelago, and if you’re travelling to the country, it pays to know what the top choices to visit are!


    When you think of Boracay, think of white sandy beaches, loaded with excited revellers and easy-going beach bums alike. It not only has pristine waters and numerous water sport related activities to explore, but also boasts plentiful quality restaurants, hotels, and other amenities.

    One of the top vacation spots in the Philippines is the White Beach, and Boracay is where it’s at. Whether you want to kick back and relax or go all out partying and indulging in water sports, you can do it all on Boracay!

    North Luzon

    If you’re looking for palm trees on North Luzon, then you’re in luck. This island is host to plentiful pines and gorgeous mountainous regions where you can take stock of up to 2000 year old rice terraces.

    North Luzon is the biggest island of the Philippines, and also one of the best ones to make part of your travel itinerary. The Banaue Rice Terraces are in fact a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and serve to provide for a number of tribal communities living on the island.


    Palawan is undeniably a well-deserving part of this list, given the fact that it has often been credited as the most beautiful island in the world. Not only do visitors to this picturesque location get enjoy the emerald waters and all the water-related activities, it is also home to mountains and jungles that make for quite the scenic landscape.

    It is the sixth largest island of the Philippines. Crystal clear waters, coral reefs, nearby islets, delectable seafood—there’s a lot to explore in Palawan for the eager traveler.


    Located close by to Manila, Mindoro is an island with a close to perfectly preserved natural environment that deserve the perusal of a nature lover. You get access to one of the best diving spots in the country, that is, the Apo Reef, making it the ideal island for those who are enthusiastic about diving exploration.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg—there are many islands worth exploring in the Philippines. Why not invest in a Manila or Davao City travel package and venture into the scenic beauty and culture of island life in the Philippines? At EmpireOne Travel, we can make that happen for you!

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