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  • The Land Of Promise: Davao City of Philippines

    • January 26, 2018 / By Admin

    Davao city is one of the major tourist attractions in the Philippines, known as the land of promises. It truly is a promising city.

    When you dig deeper, you realise Davao is more than just sightseeing the legendary bird or walking in the shadow of concrete jungle. Davao is a hub for many things worth a visit, both inside the city or in the immediate surrounding area.

    Here’s what makes Davao the land of promises.

    Pristine Beaches

    Just like several other cities and islands that Philippines boasts, Davao is no less an exception. You’ll find stunning, pristine beaches here, just an hour away from the main city for added adventure.

    You’ll find city’s best resorts here, so take a sip and lounge in the city of paradise.


    Aliwagwag Falls is famous in Davao city. It is said to be the longest cascading waterfalls in the Philippines. Set in the town Cateel, which suffered devastating typhoon. The government rebuild the eco-park and made it tourist-friendly, so take yourself there with friends and family and enjoy a picnic right next to the natural marvel.

    The Safest City

    Every local will bear witness to the fact that Davao is the “… safest city in the Philippines!”

    Once you visit this city, you will remain in no doubt about the safety here, with plenty of police patrolling the streets and precautions for tourists as compared to other cities in the region. Not just for tourists, the government takes the safety of their people as a top priority.


    People have a love-hate relationship with the soft and fresh fruit. It is undoubtedly the most debated fruit of the South East Asian region. This fruit boasts a strong pungent odour followed with a truly unique texture and taste that your palate will thank you for. Durian might not be the fruit for you, but it is something worth a try when visiting Davao.

    Davao Is Smoke-Free

    10 years and counting, Davao boasts a smoke-free region. You’ll find posters and adverts reinforcing the fact. You can go to any place in Davao without worrying about the second-hand smoke side-effects.

    So, have you made up your mind to travel to Davao?

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