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  • Now is the time to visit Boracay if you haven’t before. Located in Malay (Western Visayas), Boracay is a picture perfect and postcard-sized tropical paradise that is perfect in every sense of the word.

    You may have seen Boracay in pictures, but nothing beats the real deal, with white sand beaches dotted throughout the island carpeted with shining resorts, stores and restaurants that serve the best seafood this side of the world!

    Take a leisurely stroll along White Beach, divided into 3 sections to make getting around easier for tourists. Going to Boracay for an adventure of a lifetime? The northernmost section, i.e. Station 1 is for you.

    Boasting the widest beachfront, this part of the island is for the high hitters with the big wallets. Outfitted with some of the best and most expensive resorts and hotels, people come here to relax and take in the sun.

    Visiting White Beach to party? Looking to eat and shop to your heats content? Station 2, right at the center is absolutely wonderful. Here to enjoy the view in peace and quiet? Please go to the southernmost section and revel in the beauty of solitude while watching the last sunrays dancing on the calm waters.

    Best time to travel to Boracay? Tourism is at its highest during Amihan season which makes November to May the best time to visit! Adrenaline junkies alert; Bulabog Beach features strong winds all-year round which makes an ideal spot for kite boarding and windsurfing.

    Good news for budget travelers! Any side of the island or beach they choose is budget friendly with decent accommodations starting at around US $17. Prime resorts like Discovery Shores cost a bit more.

    What is the best thing about Boracay? Its food is exquisite and offers variety, whether you want to eat traditional Indian curry or spicy enchiladas. Fresh seafood is a given and a must try for seafood lovers. Adventure lovers, unite. This beautiful island paradise features some of the best activities for everyone. You can choose to cliff dive, go parasailing, tour the island on a native boat, or go waterskiing!

    For some people, a good holiday means getting a relaxing and luxurious massage besides the waves or one of the island’s top-class spas. Try a healthy smoothie made from fresh fruits while lounging near the pool of the ultra-classic Shangri-la Resort and Spa. Shop for local souvenirs till evening! Another kind of fun begins when the moon comes up—with energy, music and dancing! Enjoy the nightlife of Boracay and when the sun comes up, repeat this glorious cycle over again.

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