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  • Travel Research: Things You Should Know about Philippines

    • October 27, 2017 / By Admin

    Travel sickness tablets – check!

    Handy-dandy cell phone – check!

    Sunscreen – check!

    Great! Now all you need is the small guide to the different things you should know about vacationing in Philippines and you’re good to go!

    What You Should Know

    The local currency in Philippines is Philippine Peso ₱.The rough conversion for 1₱ = 0.020$ so one dollar would equal to 50.19₱. You can learn more about the exchange rate by contacting us.

    Locals in the Philippines speak English well. But it’s always better if you brush up on some local words to feel like a part of the Filipino family.

    Aside from motor-taxis and multi-cabs, tricycles are the most common mode of transportation. Affordable and easy to use, you can easily flag one of these down the street or just ask your hotel to do so for you.

    Vendors offer fresh fruit juice and coconuts on the street. From juices and fruit shakes to coconut milk, you can have any type of delicious fruity treat you want. Perfect for a bus tourist-y day!

    The locals will try their best to help you out. Lovely to a fault, they’re warm, welcoming and attentive. Even the local street vendors! All you have to do is smile and say no, thank you. They’ll smile back and leave you alone.

    Traffic can be overwhelming, but in an organized way. Even with packed small buses, scooters whizzing by and visitors on tricycles, the traffic system in Philippines somehow works quite efficiently.

    In Philippines, they drive on the right side of the road.

    Philippines are very secure. There are hired security, local police and even tourist police hanging around outside restaurants, hotels, cafes and even on the beach. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help if you’re lost or just for any general inquiry.

    Look for toilet paper before you go to the bathroom. Local tourist places often don’t have toilet paper at all, just a small pale to wash with. As a precaution, ask for toilet paper or take it with you when you go to the bathroom.

    Expect a lot of Spanish influences. The Spanish ruled the country until 1898. With 337 years under that culture as part of the country’s history, you can expect a lot of hints that would remind you of Spain.

    You can wear dresses, skirts and short shorts. It’s quite common for the women there to wear shorter clothes. Just be classy about it though, because you will have a lot of competition from the beautiful local women.

    80% of the people identify as Roman Catholic, so you may expect some locals to be conservative. Be respectful of their belief.

    BE POLITE. Keep things light-hearted and tone down your sarcasm. The Filipino sense of humor is very different, so even a little ribbing might be taken as an insult.

    Contact us for Your Tour Package!

    We want you to have the best time ever in Philippines. This is why we offer all the above information. So you can enjoy your time in Batanes, Cebu, Palawan and all of the other Filipino islands and soak in the culture that is as beautiful as the nature that will surround you!

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