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  • The Ultimate Jamaica Vacation Guide – What to Pack, Where to Go, What to See!

    • November 6, 2017 / By Admin

    An island nation located in the Caribbean, Jamaica is a great selection for your next vacation destination! It is the birthplace of reggae and the very famous Bob Marley.

    The world is enamored by Jamaican culture, so why not take a trip to the country to experience it first hand?

    What to Pack

    Before you set off on your wondrous Jamaican trip, you need to get all your packing done—efficiently and sufficiently. What you’re going to be packing depends on a number of factors, namely the weather at the time of your trip, how long you’re going to be staying, whether any dependents are travelling with you, where you’ll be staying, and what you’re going to be doing.

    The essentials of course include all necessary travel documents. Guard these with your life! Stock up some cash with you, and a credit card for transaction purposes. It’s also recommended that you keep some necessary medications with you, particularly those for pain.

    What to Do

    There are an inordinate amount of possibilities for adventures to be experienced in Jamaica! You can head down to Port Antonio and go rafting, exploring the beauty of the waterfalls, springs, and caves down the Rio Grande River.

    You could indulge in other water related activities like snorkeling too! If you’re a thalassophile, you’re going to love the underwater world of caves, coral reefs, and a variety of aquatic life. You can even take a trip to the Blue Hole, a great spot for swimming! What’s more, you can get real adventurous and take jumps off of waterfalls.

    What to See

    One of the main attractions of Jamaica is indeed the well-known fact that musician Bob Marley was born there. You can invest in a visit to the Bob Marley Museum and learn all there is to know about him!

    You can also take a tour of the plantations—namely the Sun Valley Plantation in Ocho Rios. You can even set out to take a gander at Montego Bay, which is very much the center of tourism in Jamaica.

    Additionally, Port Royal—the Caribbean’s pirate capital—offers a whole lot of rich history to experience.

    The Blue Mountain area is also a particularly appealing spot for tourists, where you can get lost in the clouds and enjoy the wonders of nature!

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