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  • Vacation in Philippines – Which Destination Should You Pick?

    • November 1, 2017 / By Admin

    As a hedonistic and thrilling vacation destination, the Philippines have it all. The sand, the surf, the atmosphere, and most of all, the people; each of which presents the small island country as the perfect place for those who want to get off the grid.

    But with more than 5,000 islands to choose from, which do you pick?

    Don’t worry!

    We have compiled a list of the four most favorite destinations in Philippines, each offering a unique and wonderful experience.

    The Best Philippines Destination for Your Vacation


    There’s something liberating about the sparsely populated region that is Palawan. Known as the gateway to rural tranquility, Palawan is a tourist-friendly island with understated beauty and ruggedness in its topography that makes it an ideal place for all seeking to relax with nature. Palawan also comes with a fair share of wildlife terrestrial and aquatic species, each of which is sure to bring out the nature lover in you.


    After Palawan, Boracay is considered by many to be the best island destination in the world. Boracay is known more for its romantic atmosphere than anything. Complete with a range of hotels, restaurants, bars and other shops, Boracay is colorful and jam-packed but just enough. Offering the perfect balance between authenticity and luxury, the island presents a marvelous honeymooning opportunity to couples on a budget.


    Catch a ferry from Cebu and go off the beaten track to Bohol. The exquisite island province offers the majestic treasure of the Chocolate Hills and a rare jungle exterior that entices your inner thrill seeker. Bohol is a unique destination, particularly because it offers enough for the ultimate sports lover, but also offers the pristine white beaches and rice terraces that would offer the perfect romantic backdrop for loved-up couples.


    Batanes is the closest you can get to heaven on earth. With lush vegetation, rolling hills and rugged cliffs, the only aspect of Batanes that makes it even more perfect is the turquoise water, lapping at the white slivers of the beach. Made from a group of 10 islands, Batanes floats slightly away from the Philippines and offers its hilly terrain and mountains to those who want to thrive in the beauty of the mysterious islands.

    Have You Made a Decision?

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